Eukanuba Healthy Extras Puppy Growth Biscuits (32 oz.; Chicken)

Discount Eukanuba Healthy Extras Puppy Growth Biscuits (32 oz.; Chicken) (Eukanuba) Online


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Recommended to be fed as a healthy complement to Eukanuba Dry or Canned Dog Foods, for puppies up to 12-24 months.Healthy Biscuits Packed with Protein: Crunchy, tasty Healthy Extras are made with real chicken protein and other wholesome ingredients. They’re fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to promote health and vitality in young puppies, with no artificial flavors or colors. Plus, the crunchy texture of Healthy Extras helps reduce plaque and tartar on teeth.The Dog Biscuit with Something Extra— Eukanuba Nutrition: It takes something extra for a dog biscuit to be called Eukanuba. With the introduction of Eukanuba Healthy Extras Biscuits, you can feed your dog a variety of tasty forms, without sacrificing the ultimate nutrition of Eukanuba. Healthy Extras Puppy Growth Biscuits are formulated specifically with your puppy's special nutritional needs in mind, and he'll just think he's getting a treat!Eukanuba Vital Health System: All Eukanuba products incorporate the Eukanuba Vital Health System, which provides a unique combination of nutritional requirements and supplements targeted to the vital health needs of the specific breed size, life stage, or lifestyle of your pet. Healthy Extras Puppy Growth Biscuits include the following components:ImmunoHealth™Promotes the daily, natural regeneration of healthy cells.Contains a unique blend of antioxidants, including lutein, beta carotene, and vitamin E, which nutritionally boost the immune system.OmegaCoat™Helps nutritionally support the natural healing process and promotes a thick, luxurious coat.Contains an optimal ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to support skin and coat health.DigestiCare™Maintains a healthy digestive tract.Contains moderately fermentable fiber beet pulp to maintain a healthy digestive tract and help dogs absorb nutrients.

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