Marineland Eclipse System 12 Aquarium Kit (21

Discount Marineland Eclipse System 12 Aquarium Kit (21"W X 11.5"D X 17.5"H) (Eclipse) Online


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An innovative marvel of panoramic beauty, integrated precision, and three-stage filtration, the self-contained System 12 is perfect for home, office, or anywhere.Filtration, lighting, and maintenance are at your fingertips.Easy to set up, easy to maintain, the Eclipse System 12 provides a panoramic degrees of prime viewing area for maximum enjoyment--unhindered by hoses or hanging filter boxes. That's because every Eclipse System is fully integrated and self-contained. The top-mounted motor pumps water from the aquarium through the filter cartridge and then to the patented BIO-Wheel at a certified rate of gallons per hour.Superior Eclipse IlluminationIdeal for aquatic plant growth and ornamental fish color enhancement, the Eclipse Compact Fluorescent Lamp shines 15% brighter, consumes 10% less power and lasts longer--without overheating the water.Superior Mechanical/Chemical FiltrationThe disposable Eclipse Filter Cartridge traps more dirt and removes more impurities. It's packed with Marineland Labs' new Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon--now works twice as fast and keeps working longer after other carbons quit.Superior Biological FiltrationMarineland's patented BIO-Wheel is the undisputed best biological filter--the ideal culture site for the growth and proliferation of BIO-Spira, the beneficial bacteria responsible for nitrification in aquatic environments.No pumps, valves, or tubing required.Never clogs, never needs replacing.Eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact.The curved-front acrylic tank delivers optimum design profile and leak proof durability. All filtration media is inside a top-mounted access hood--no hoses, no filter boxes, and no noisy air pumps. The contoured light hood plugs into any standard household outlet and includes a convenient front access port for easy feeding.Requires only minutes per week to maintain.Distinctive Curved-Front DesignProvides a curved view of your aquascape.Eclipse Filter Cartridge and BIO-WheelEnsure easy installation, easy operation. Cartridge comes preassembled and changes in seconds. BIO-Wheel never needs replacing.Compact Fluorescent IlluminationGreat for fresh or salt water. Enhances colors.Hinged Hood PanelOpens effortlessly for stress-free feeding, maintenance, and media changes. Special hinges ensure hood stability, while detachable hinge pins facilitate easy hood removal.Safe, Silent Epoxy-Sealed MotorSilently pumps water through the system and requires no maintenance, no oiling.Complete with BIO-Blend Premium Fish Food, BIO-Safe Tap Water Conditioner and BIO-Coat Stress Defense, and an informative beginners fishkeeping guide.Uses Rite-Size Filter Cartridge G.

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